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Episode 7… Finally!

I’m stoked to announce that Episode 7 – Rebel Alliance: The Ongoing Tale of Two Tie Fighters is finally finished. It’s about three times longer than any of the previous episodes and is saturated in Star Warsian goodness. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Johnny’s Red Tie of Power (part 1)

A while back I was approached with a question. This dude asked about Johnny’s defining feature (his identity really), his red tie. “Mr. Bramwell, oh wise and awesome sage.” The guy addressed me something like that. I don’t remember his … Continue reading

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Fan Photo

Just want to send a quick shout out to all our fans. We appreciate all the support and feedback you give. Special thanks to J-diggidy for ordering a Johnny Scribble Power Tie T and sharing his lady killing studliness with … Continue reading

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5 Days of Dallas Denigration: Day 1

Unfortunately, the time has come for me to endure the pain and shame that comes from losing my Thanksgiving Day bet. Since the Dolphins lost their Turkey Day matchup against Dallas I must wear this horrendous tie. Could my brother … Continue reading

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In the Words of Johnny Scribble #3

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Johnny’s Power Tie Shirt

Remember those cool tuxedo shirts that were all the rage in the 80’s? Okay, well maybe you’re too young. Trust me, they were cool. Well, now you don’t have to commandeer¬†a DeLorean, evade the Libyans, and accelerate to 88 miles … Continue reading

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