Johnny Scribble is my brain child, yeah my thoughts are about as simple as the cartoons! As a creative genius, I developed Johnny in a matter of minutes by scribbling the simplest human form I could come up with on my iPad with my index finger. If I could do it once assuredly I could do it again, and then again, and then…you get the idea. Presto! Johnny Scribble came to life. That’s about all there is to this little super hero-secret agent-ninja-dude. I draw him, and my amigo, Matthew Pancake energizes him through audio wizardry.

Every episode starts with a superfied session of finger painting. I do all the animation on the iPad using Red-Software’s Animation Creator HD app. After the video is roughed out Matthew perks up his ears and begins laying the audio in Mixcraft. Botta-bing botta-boom and the episode is complete.

Johnny and his crew also appear in their very own webcomic. Each frame is drawn (like the animations) completely on the iPad using Animation Creator HD (unless otherwise noted – I might feel froggy and fiddle with another app to mix it up). I then dump them into 3D Topo’s Comic Book! app to put that finishing touch on the strip, you know, the cell borders.

That’s all there is to know, or at least that’s all I do know. What do you know? No, seriously, we want to hear from you. Please send us your comments and questions.

Enjoy the toons!

– Tyrel