Calvin and Hobbes… Animated?

I came across this animated Calvin and Hobbes short yesterday and it me made go, “hmmm?” Why did it make me ponder in the universally known four letter non-word associated with contemplative thought? (Whoa, it’s getting heavy in here.) I couldn’t help but wonder what Watterson thinks about it. The creator of the C&H awesomeness has voiced very clearly his view on the exploitation of his beloved characters (check out the Tenth Anniversary Book). Now, I admittedly know nothing about the back story behind this animation (other than the comments on YouTube) and I actually think it’s very well done. Take a look at the comic strip that it’s based on. Top notch! My ‘hmmm?” is simply curiosity. I know what I think about Johnny Scribble fanimations… I love ’em. But I’m an unknown hobbyist enjoying the fact that my artwork has even the slightest positive influence on other artistic peops.

Well, anyways, I’ll leave you to your druthers (I just wanted to type the word “druthers”). Take a looksy. Both the strip and the animation are sweet!

The original strip…

and the animation…


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4 Responses to Calvin and Hobbes… Animated?

  1. zookyworld says:

    This brought me back to reading tons of Calvin and Hobbes and very much enjoying it. That tiger tackle surprised me… I should’ve seen that one coming!

  2. Loved it! Although I almost jumped out of my chair when Calvin was tackled.
    PS-Make more please.

  3. patrickscreations says:

    I wonder if you could make something like this (if you tried).

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