Scribbled the Red Album

weezerWhen I’m up late animating, I crank up ye ol’ Spotify and fill the mobile digital animation studio with sweet artistic vibrations to feed my creativity. One of my favorite bands is Weezer, so I often find myself mentally destroying sweaters in Beverly Hills with a dude named Jonas and a bunch of Asian girls on a surfboard that never runs out of fuel while letting it all hang out with my homeys before wrestling with Jimmy, all the while laying down line after line of digital ink. You know, absorbing the music as I draw.

I looked up the other night at just the right time to see an image of the Red Album on my computer screen. I tilted my head like a curious dog, wondering if it’s impolite to smell a strange dogs butt, as I pictured the album cover scribblized. Look at this thing. It screams scribble material! All that white…er…red space (negative space, yeah there we go). I looked at it and had one of those, “why didn’t I think of scribbling this earlier” type moments. Lightning bolt, cowboy hat, red tie (NICE!), and a fedora arranged ever so simply… perfecto! Throw in a couple pairs of glasses, a belt buckle, and some hair to make it unmistakeably clear and viola! one sweet-A scribble chock full of Raditude.Photo Feb 21, 8 57 12 AM

Drawn in Animation Creator HD

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