New App to the JS Arsenal

You may have noticed that most of the activity here as of late has been centered around the Johnny Scribble webcomic. No, we haven’t stopped making animations, not even close! What’s happening is I’m working on the next episode but it takes some time to animate and then I need to send it to Matthew to add audio, and that takes time too. The comic is meant to supplement the short videos and keep things hopping in between each episode. Of course, the webcomic, as a medium, has its own uniqueness that I’m enjoying, you know, little things like dialogue.

ACHD app imageCertainly, anyone who knows Johnny Scribble knows that we couldn’t bring him to life without that rad app, Animation Creator HD. I love using this app. But what you may not know is that I use this app to draw the frames of the webcomics too. The onion skin functionality is a great tool for making sure everything is lined up from one frame to the next. It’s like having a sketchbook in my hands. I draw the first frame and then flip to the next page (duplicate) to draw the next one. The layers are paramount, allowing me to isolate the characters from the text from the bubble surrounding it.

AC adACHD is fundamental in bringing you Johnny! Some people have asked and/or assumed that we’re part of Red-Software. This is an amazing honor! We are actually not officially affilliated with Red, but we do enjoy a great working relationship with those who continue to work tirelessly to make ACHD all that it is – and it keeps getting better!

Strip DesignerSo, why am I bringing this up? Well, I’ve been experimenting with comicstrip apps on the iPad – looking for the perfect app to add to our mobile digital arsenal – and have finally found one that I think is nothing less than awesome! Strip Designer by Vivid Apps is amazing. It provides the creator a ton of freedom when laying out the strip. The tools are perfect for what we want to do. With Animation Creator HD and Strip Designer, coupled with the occasional random art app, our mobile digital studio is fully equipped to pump out some radtastic content.

We’re glad to be back in the saddle and hope you’ll stick around to see what’s coming next.

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