Facebook Firstsies

Provocative title, huh? This is just a quick little blog post to inform all you Scribble fanatics that as we start releasing the Johnny Scribble webcomic we’ll be releasing them a day early on our Facebook page. So, yes, if you have been utterly ruined by our instant gratification culture, what with its lightning fast modulated-cellular-bubonic-webpheric-internet speeds (I totally just rattled off some random and made up words) and need to get to see things, like yesterday, you’ll want to jump on over (motion language) to our Facebook (collegiate language) page and get the dropsies on the what’s-upsies (trendy language inappropriately used). See, that way you’re seeing yesterday what everybody else has to wait until today to see, but not until tomorrow, because if you like our Facebook page today you’ll see tomorrow’s comic strip today and then you’ll have traveled forward in time, metaphorically, and will be that much faster than if you saw it yesterday since that would be back in time thereby causing your homeboys to think your just slow, ’cause you’re still living in the past. Cool? Cool. See you over there (figurative language).

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