Betty Boop Scribbled

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Yesterday as I was posting Steamboat Johnny I thought of a classic cartoon character that I could run through the scribble treatment. I’ve done this in the past with some Marvel characters (click here, and here, and here, and here, and here). Its a great exercise and forces me to think through the details of my stylized scribbles. To take a recognizable character that has a certain set of identifying features and convert them to circles and lines in a way that is both consistent with my Scribble characters and also remains true to its original look is a challenge – and a blast!

Let’s walk through the process. First, I found a picture to base my scribble on.Betty Boop Cartoon
Calm down boys. Peel your eyes away from the cartoon and continue reading. Alright, now Betty Boop’s identifying features are her dress, leg garter (keep reading), high heels, bracelets, earrings, and of course, her hair and the shape of her head. By the way, what’s with the shape of her head? I mean, c’mon, for a sexy character it’s, uhm, not.

Okay, so none of these attributes were an issue except her hair and (that freaky) head. No character in the scribbleverse has hair and  all the people have (attractively) round heads. What to do? Well, I started with a simple round head – staying true to the scribbleverse look. After all, the goal is to transplant Betty into Johnny’s world. Next I worked on her body, which in this case is her dress. This is the same process I go through with all the Scribble characters. In the case of Johnny I draw his head, his tie (body), feet, and then finally hands and arms. After the dress it was simply a matter of getting a decent looking high heel design and adding the rest of her accoutrements.

So I had exactly what you see above minus the hair. She was bald and frankly it wasn’t working. She was missing her Betty Boopness. On a separate layer (in Animation Creator) I added the outline of her hair with those flippy curl things. It looked much better! She was almost Boopy enough. I filled in the hair and voila! A Scribbled Betty Boop. The lines for legs and the simple half-circle for her hand, plus the fact that her members are not attached to her dress (body) is enough to anchor the drawing in Johnny’s world despite the fact that I had to compromise on the no hair rule.

I might add that it took longer to type this post than it did to draw the picture. There you have it, Betty Boop Scribble style! Enjoy… but not too much. 😉

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