Steamboat Johnny

I just returned from a great trip with my family to the “happiest place on earth.” As we took in all the wonder of Disneyland I couldn’t help but ponder the origins of that magical kingdom. The Disney empire started with a mouse! I imagined what Walt must have been dreaming about as he animated those sweet short films back in the day and, of course, I day dreamed about a theme park built around Johnny’s scribbleverse. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t stand in line for an hour and a half to strap a jet-pack to your back and chase down Bowtie Bibble as he’s speeding off in a sweet convertible? Yeah, you totally would.

Well, in honor of ol’ Walt and his cash cow, er, mouse, Mickey… I give you Steamboat Johnny! Photo Jan 18, 8 26 20 AM

What? You were expecting something more? Dude, it’s a scribble and I was on vacation.

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