Belgium Fanimation!

The other day I’m minding my own business, completely oblivious to the happenings of the Scribbleverse (life has been pretty hectic lately) and what should appear in my inbox but an awesome message from a Mr. ZRaMPaGe75 (I guess he could be Ms. ZRaMPaGe75. There I go being all chauvinistic again) The user… fan, yes, fan works nicely, wanted to inform us of a rad fanimation (told you fan worked nicely) he (or she, sorry I just don’t know) had put together wherein Johnny Scribble defeats on Mr. Cool. It’s friggin’ righteous! ZRaMPaGe75, thank you for sharing your creativity with us! We’ve archived this video under the Fanimation section here on the site. 

Word of caution for any viewers who may be vowel rights activists… this video has omitted two vowels from words where they would have otherwise completed expletives. This is not the fault of the vowels and you can be assured that they received equal compensation for the part they normally play in forming the two words despite the fact that the daring, and might I say handsome, asterisk stunt double filled in for them.

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