Johnny Scribble’s Birthday!

What’s up all you animated hipster fans? Here’s a little trivia for you, Johnny Scribble’s birthday is April 27th, 2011. Well, at least that’s when we launched the official Johnny Scribble website. He’s actually older than just a year, but for the Smithsonian’s official entrance records we’ll let it stand. Anywhoooo, we’ve been a little quiet lately and for that I must apologize… wait. Why am I apologizing for being an active member of society with a life away from the computer? Oh, I remember, Johnny Scribble is a mobile digital animation which means I’m suppose to be liberated from my social media bonds because I can access them anywhere. Right. Okay, well, enough of the rhetorical monologue. We are indeed working on the next JS episode but to tie you over here is a still comic. Enjoy, and, hey, watch your temper. 😉

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