New Character – “Sketch”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you would please direct your attention to…. uhm, your computer screen, I guess. Man, that would have been so much cooler if you were in a stadium and I was standing on a stage with three walruses and a barrel full of peanut butter. Dang!

Well, how about this? Scribblers, check out the latest addition to the Johnny Scribble cast! Yep, Johnny went down to his local Pet Smart and picked himself up a stick-dog. He’s a new breed, one of those trendy hybrid thingies, ya know, like a labradoodle or a pomapoo. A designer dog, yeah that’s the term I was looking for, a designer dog. I know because I designed him. Okay, well, that’s not totally true. In fact, it isn’t true at all. The truth is my self -declared “non-artistic” wife (she actually is artistic but doesn’t know it) whipped him up in about 4 minutes while waiting for the rugrats to finish one of their activities. What, didn’t you know? That’s what housewives all across the world are doing these days… Scribbling! 

So here is the brief (2 pics) evolution of “Sketch,” Johnny Scribble’s new best friend. The initial concept was awesome so there wasn’t much to tweak in order to make Sketch match the Scribbleverse style. It was just a matter of thinking about the attributes of the current characters and then applying them to a critter. What attributes you ask? Take Sketch’s nose for instance. Does Johnny have a nose? Bibble, Delilah? Nope. Since the human characters don’t have a snout I had to, according to the third Bramwellian principle of equivalent comparative bio-attribution (I just made that up) drop the pup’s nose. No biggy! The tail was subject to the same reasoning. All limbs must be lines and a tail is a limb… I think.  Other than that, the only alteration made was the ring around his eye. I decided to leave it off for a practical reason. When characters in the Scribbleverse are surprised their eyeball dot becomes an eyeball circle and sometimes even an eyeball circle with a pupil dot inside it (depending on the level of surprise). Given the nature of JS I can foresee an instance where Sketch might get startled and I’ll have to draw a pair of surprised eyes on him. This would get tricky if one eye was already in surprised mode.

So there you have it. An inside look at the creation of Sketch, the newest Johnny Scribble character.

Now go scribble something!

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