Fan Art – Electrician Fail

We received this awesome piece of fan art entitled, Electrician Fail from David Yancey! He did an amazing job at working within the Scribbleverse, portraying Bowtie Bibble in an attempt to tap into the wiring behind the computer. Of course, Bibble is familiar. If you recall episode one you’ll note that the computer is also a Scribbleverse artifact(albeit with a few artistic tweaks)! Way to go, David! D went above and beyond!

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck? Why is there two Bibbles?” Those, my little sheep, are not two Bibbles. No no no. You’re seeing the conception the an all new Scribbleverse character, David explained that the beanie-wearing thug is one of Bowtie’s minions. SaWeet! That’s exactly what we like to see. David also mentioned that he stayed true to the Scribble technique and drew this rad still in Animation Creator HD on his iPad. Nice!

Thanks, David for sending us your art!

We’ll be archiving Electrician Fail in the Gallery. If you have a Scribble you’d like to share with the world go ahead and send them to us! Get creative, enter the Scribbleverse.

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