5 Days of Dallas Denigration: Day 1

Unfortunately, the time has come for me to endure the pain and shame that comes from losing my Thanksgiving Day bet. Since the Dolphins lost their Turkey Day matchup against Dallas I must wear this horrendous tie.20111129-121051.jpg
Could my brother have picked out a louder one? This thing’s a giant billboard! I think Texas’ lone star is actually on this NFL rag! But despite its blatant commercialistic attributes I must wear it for five consecutive work days (no Saturday or Sunday). This is such a traumatic event for me (everyone in my family with the exception of a few fine souls root for the Cowboys) that I have decided it needs a name – The 5 Days of Dallas Denigration.

As an artist who spends his time drawing characters defined by their ties I assure you that, although I may have to endure this torture, Johnny Scribble will never, EVER, be drawn wearing such an ugly article of clothing! Period. 🙂


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One Response to 5 Days of Dallas Denigration: Day 1

  1. Joshua Coursey says:

    Its a beautiful thing…. the whole process is lovely.

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