Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Hey, hey! I know what you’re thinking, “Man, the guys over at Johnny Scribble have really been silent lately.” What? You weren’t thinking that at all? You hadn’t even noticed?…. I gotta be honest, that kinda hurts. (Look at that, two slang contractions in one sentence)

Well, even though you haven’t been thinking about us, we’ve been thinking about you… every second of every day… creepy, I know. Seriously we have been thinking about you. See, we entered a submission into this year’s Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest. After the preliminary round where a panel of judges pick the top five commercials, the contest is opened up to you, the awesome viewers! You then get to decide which video wins. See, we really have been thinking about you a lot.

The contest is open to submissions until November 21st. We’ll keep you up dated as to whether Johnny Scribble makes the final cut. In the mean time, here is the link to our submission. Once you click it, hold your horses. Doritos has a little flash animation sequence before our toon is revealed.

Once you’ve watched it, do us a solid and spread the word. There are a few sharing options at the bottom of the page. Here is the link (for your convenience, of course). Copy this baby and share the love!

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