Jumping Johnny Using Sketchbook

Well, in my opinion (the only opinion that matters… unless of course you count Phil Dunphy’s…but why would you do that? He’s a fictional character for crying out loud!) this image is lacking. You may like it. Hey! That’s great. I personally think it looks unfinished, as bland as Grandma Girchen’s oatmeal – and that’s saying something! It was my intention to have it completed in time for the Art For Hope campaign put on by Viz Media and Autodesk (which explains why I drew it using Sketchbook and not JADA or ACHD). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get off center with regards to how I felt about the pic. I just never liked how it was coming along. By no means is that a reflection of Sketchbook. Sketchbook is awesome! It’s all on me. Anyway, here it is in what I’m deeming its perpetual unfinishedness.

As a final attempt to make this pic look semi presentable (as I was composing this post) I uploaded the image into PS Express and cranked the exposure. I do think it helped with the oatmeally blandness.

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2 Responses to Jumping Johnny Using Sketchbook

  1. garsspace says:

    From artist standpoint I understand where you are coming from. As an artist, you feel that your work is never finished, never good enough, even when you receive the praise, well done.

    From Gar’s Space and the Artistic Accountant, WELL DONE, well done.

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