Johnny Scribble Football

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the fantasy football draft pit! I had my charts, spreadsheets, workbooks, and draft board laid out in my office, along with a laptop humming away with Skype, Facebook, and ESPN so I could manage my strategy. It was AWESOME! I know you’re like, “Dude, what in the world does this have to do with Johnny Scribble?” (unless you liked us on facebook, then you already know where this is going.) Well, every year I have to change my team name (only the winner gets to keep his team name – yes, I always lose – never mind that). The only rule is that it has to reflect an actual city in the United States. In years past I’ve called my team the Ypsilanti Ypsituckians, the Ann Arbor Confessionals, and the Fort Wayne Akrobustia. Don’t ask about that last one. Of course this year I had to do something with Johnny Scribble and so after about eight minutes of deliberation, I chose the Johnstown Scribblers as my new team name, with this righteous helmet as a fitting thumbnail image for my competitors to gaze upon at the moment of their defeat.

Thanks Johnstown, PA for having a name close to Johnny and thanks for not being Johnston, because I really didn’t like that as an option. As the manager of the Johnstown Scribblers I will do my best to represent your fine city with dignity and pride.

And yes, I know that I take my fantasy football a bit too seriously. For a football fan, it’s the ultimate exercise in escapism!

The Scribblers at the end of draft day:

  • Adrian Peterson
  • Josh Freeman
  • Darren Mcfadden
  • Dez Bryant
  • Mike Williams
  • Ryan Matthews
  • Jets Defense
  • Marcedes Lewis
  • Neil Rackers
  • Austin Collie
  • Sam Bradford
  • Dustin Keller
  • Atlanta Defense
  • Sebastian Janikowski
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