Episode 5 Update

Are you staring at your monitor contemplating the quietness that has become johnnyscribble.com lately? I didn’t think so, but my Uncle Ferd always said it never hurts to ask. (I don’t really have an Uncle Ferd, but man do I wish I did! C’mon with a name like Ferd what pre-teen brat wouldn’t have a ball creatively lambasting his uncle?) Seriously though, we have been quieter than we like here recently. There are several reasons: It’s summer time and we have lives. That’s right, outside the door to your house (or bedroom) there is a whole world full of rad stuff to do! Beyond the seasonal order of things, what with it’s swimming pools and camping trips, we’ve been trying to add the power of another app, Movie Looks (by Red Giant) to the production of episode 5 and, well, unfortunately haven’t had much success.We’re dragging our feet on releasing 5 because Matthew and I both think that the episode will look awesome with some Hollywood type styling and the lovely support people over at Movie Looks have assured us they are diligently working on a bug fix that will solve our problem. So, with that in mind we’re sitting on epi 5 a little longer with  the hopes that you can view it in a never before seen awesomeness!

In other, yet related news I have also been working on a still image for the Art For Hope benefit being put on by Viz Media and Autodesk. This requires that I use Autodesk’s Sketchbook app instead of my trusty Red-Software ACHD or JADA. Don’t worry, Red is super cool and understands, after all it’s for a great cause!

I’m Audi 5000! Stay tuned for new content soon!

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