Winner of Our Comic Con 2011 Contest!

Alright all you crazy comic book kids, listen up! The team of judges over at have cast their ballots,  unanimously deciding which facebook post is the official Comic Con 2011 In the Words of Johnny Scribble opinion!

And the winner is… (this is where I say drum roll please) Kyle Holdsworth! Thanks to all who played. We have more contests and promotions brewing so make sure you “like” us on facebook and sign up for our mailing list where we will deliver the goods straight to your busy little inbox where you can forward it on to all your work buddies annoying them to no end as they wonder why the heck you think they care about your latest internet discovery. Yes, I fantasize about how the Johnny Scribble audience interacts with the toons. Is that sad? Oh well.

Congrats, Kyle! The T-shirt will be available very soon, which you will know about if you sign up for the mailing list. 😉 See, there’s a method to my madness… and I used an emoticon which means I’m sincere… and webbily cute.

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