2011 Comic Con Contest

Contest begins Thursday, July 21!

You know you want to spout off about something comic book related… here’s your chance!

The contest is simple: Step one – “Like” Johnny Scribble on Facebook. Step two – post a rad opinion about anything related to Comic Con or the comic book industry… we’re talking as vague or as specific as you want to be. What would you say if you were Johnny? At midnight on July 24th (the last day of Comic Con) the contest will end, the posted opinions will be reviewed by a panel of Comic Booked and Johnny Scribble judges and a winner will be selected. The winning opinion will be placed in Johnny Scribble’s speech bubble as the official word of Johnny Scribble for Comic Con 2011 presented by Comic Booked! The best part is that this opinion will be forever immortalized on the front of a limited run T-Shirt available through our online store! That’s right, the winner will truly get Comic Booked!

There is no limit to what your opinion can be or how many you can have, we just ask that you abide by some sort of old school Marvel code of ethics, you know, for the younger fans. I mean honestly, who doesn’t like a good excuse to express their huge vocabulary in @$&*#!?

Still not sure what we’re looking for? Visit the In the Words of Johnny Scribble archive.


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