U-Scribble Extended Deadline is Today!

Two weeks ago we extended the deadline for U-Scribble and, well, it’s been two weeks. Funny how that works. If you recall, we extended the deadline so that we could get the word out to the MDA (Mobile Digital Artist) crowd. Man, am I glad we did! We have received some awesome submissions from some top shelf artists! I’m talking international studs, professional mobi-digi paint flingers, finger painters extraordinaire, pinch-pull-swipe-and-flick tablet ninjas! Okay, I think you get the picture. What I’m getting at is that today is the last day to submit a Scribble if you want it displayed alongside the works of the likes of Mia Robinson (mrobart.com), Deborah McMillion (hotelmidnight.com), and Benjamin Rabe (nonuts.de). We also have the animation stylings of Mr. Tony Blake and a few familial entries (my kiddos) that will be sharing the limelight!

Also, let me take a quick second to say we’re extremely thankful for all the effort that MROB put into getting the word out about U-Scribble. Much love from the creative team behind Johnny Scribble!

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