MobileArtCon 2011!

I want to quickly pass this website along to you because it’s, well, awesome! IAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) has launched the 2011 MobileArtCon website. Isn’t it cool how they ever so slyly spelled out the word MAC? Yeah, someone’s an Apple junky. But really, aren’t we all? What of it?

This year’s con, “On the Move” is bound to be a rad experience! Here’s a little secret… shh…. the creative team behind Johnny Scribble just might make it to the Big Apple (there it is again – enough already with the Apple references!) for the conference. We’ll let you know as soon as we know. But even if we’re not there you must try with all your might to make it. There is limited room so you should probably stop reading this post and just click the above link and start registering. Go ahead, we won’t be offended. Okay, you insist on reading more of this post? You must not believe me that MAC 2011 is going to be the highlight of your year – watch this Autodesk footage from last year’s conference and then for crying out loud, reserve your seat at the 2nd annual MobileArtCon!

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