JADA and the Evil Retrobots

Alright all you artists, yeah, you who are wading through your artist’s block in order to submit a piece for U-Scribble (which has been extended through July 15th!), there is a new app out for the iPad! A new app? What? I gotta have it! Gimme gimme gimme! An art app junky, huh? I understand. This particular app is, well, Just Another Drawing App. No really! That’s what it’s called JADA, Just Another Drawing App. But, oh, how it’s not! To prove it, I went ahead and drew up a new Scribble using the power of JADA. I’m calling this one, Johnny Scribble vs. the Evil Retrobots. You didn’t think Little Robot was the only mechanical menace in the Scribbleverse, did you? Nope. In fact, this scene will come to life (albeit in a simpler version) in episode 6. So yeah, I drew up this gnarly scene using Red-Softwares newest app, JADA… What, you don’t believe me? Have I ever lied to you before? (You know, in a pre-blogging age, holding a conversation with an imaginary audience would generally warrant a stay in an institution?)  If you don’t believe me, or if, like me, you’re super stoked that Red-Software (the developer behind Animation Creator) put out a drawing app, install the app on your iPad and check out what image is available for you to distort, improve, fiddle with, and generally annihilate… that’s right, Johnny Scribble vs. the Evil Retrobots! So, go on already! Install the app and check out the awesomely simple, yet powerful tools in JADA!

Oh, I get it, you’re not wanting to buy another art app. Pinching pennies and all that? I hear ya… no worries, JADA is only $0.99! With a price tag like that, I’d take three if iTunes would let me.

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