U-Scribble Deadline Extended

So you may recall (if not, man you really may want to consider seeing a doctor – it was only yesterday) that my previous post was a reminder that the deadline for U-Scribble had come. Well, we are going to extend the deadline by two weeks, happily I might add, in order to get the word out to our Mobile Digital Artist friends. Consider it a two-to-two conversion (remember, Mr. Forgetful that we only had two submissions?). Not two-by-two, that’s a Noah’s ark thing or even an ants go marching thingy (hoorah!) but two-to-two. Not six because that would be the adding of a grammatical to with two numerical twos. And not four because we all know, as Mrs. Collins taught us in high school algebra, that the word and takes the place of the addition sign (+) in a story problem, not the word to.  Certainly, I don’t have to explain that we’re not dealing with a tutu, but rather a two-to-two which is an entirely different beast all together. Not that I have a problem with tutus, they have their place in the world, but it’s just not what we’re talking about.

All that aside, all you need to know (if you can remember) is that the U-Scribble promotion has been extended by two weeks making the new deadline July 15th! Okay, go Scribble! I’m going to go watch some YouTube videos of Cheech Marin playing the guitar while wearing a tutu (that’s what you get when you use Google to as a spell checking device).

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