U-Scribble Deadline

Today is the deadline to submit your Scribbles in order for them to be included in or next episode. So far we have two awesome submissions, both of which are animations using Animation Creator. Only two you say? Yep. And that’s just peachy. My mom always told me it wasn’t the quantity of U-Scribble submissions that mattered but the quality of each individual one that was of importance… well, she would have if we ever discussed the U-Scribble promotion over say a hot cup of coffee and a country-style breakfast. The point is, we appreciate the efforts of both artists who took the time to work with Johnny Scribble and his crew. In fact, I gotta tell you that Tony Blake submitted an animation that is nothing less than top choice, grade A beef! And we appreciate grade A beef. Especially in an age of grade B beef. Whew!

I’m hungry. If you have a Scribble you’d like to submit before today (or even into tomorrow) go ahead. We’d love to highlight your work! If not, uhm… I’m hungry. Oh and just because these other dudes submitted animations doesn’t mean you have to. Drawings are more than welcome.

Click here for the U-Scribble guidelines (they’re minimal, I promise)!

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