Tutorial Nearly Finished

There isn’t a new Scribble today. What? I have to actually draw the cartoon too! Don’t worry, we wont leave you hanging for too long. Matthew and I have been working on a tutorial on how I draw Johnny Scribble and Little Robot. We wouldn’t have thought of doing this if it wasn’t for a fan who emailed us and asked (after showering us with adoration)  if we could show how we come up with our character design. Of course, the short answer is just draw five circles and four lines throw a tie between them and presto! Obviously, putting together a video is much more fun. The tutorial also answers another question we’ve received. That is, do I ever draw Johnny on the iPhone/Pod using Animation Creator. Absolutely! Not an episode yet (we’ll put together something in the future) but I’ve drawn a number of Scribbles on my iPod Touch and the tutorial proves it. So back off! No, no, I’m just kidding. The truth is, I drew this tutorial using my iPod because my wife was bogarting the iPad to make her moves on Words With Friends. In fact, if you’re looking for a new wallpaper for your iPhone/iPod check out this martini drinking stud!

Alright, we’ll post the tutorial as soon as we get it finished. Until then, bye.

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