Wolverine in the Scribbleverse

While I was on vacation my wife and I took the chance to catch a movie (just the two of us, no kiddos). Of course, me being a huge comic book fan I suggested we watch X-Men: First Class. She agreed and we set off on our romantic night out. What? What’s more romantic than watching Kevin Bacon terrorize a young Magneto? That’s right, nothing. Anyway, the only relevance this has to anything Johnny Scribble is that while I was sitting in the theater a thought crossed my mind, “what would the X-Men look like in the Scribbleverse?” As an answer to that question I present to you the first in what I hope to be a series of Scribbles of some of my favorite comic heroes.

Wolverine was a natural place to begin. First, he’s the coolest X-dude and second his yellow and blue costume allowed me to apply the various rules of the Scribble style. Notice that his arms, which are bare, are like Johnny’s, nothing but sticks but his legs which are covered by his suit are more than just sticks. This goes along with Bowtie Bibbble’s wearing of a ninja suit in episode 2 (Death of a Tie: The Power of the Instant Ninja App). Now don’t go dissecting my style too much or else you’ll discover that Johnny and his arch nemesis are walking around stark naked!

Well, this post is getting a little long, so without further ado, Wolverine (scribblized).


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