Episode 4’s Simple Storyboard

Episode 4 developed quite simply. In fact, both of my kids contributed to the mayhem by by coming up with some of Bowtie’s booby-traps. The deadly tank of water was my son’s conception (although originally it was to be filled with Parana) while the explosive mountain of round bombs was my daughter’s brainchild. Having the kids help with the storyline made the creative experience follow (somewhat) the process the creators of Axecop go through, which I thought was rather fitting since this episode deals with Johnny’s obsession with Axecop. You’ll notice that the storyboard is basically the same as the finished cartoon save a few minor details that were changed: Lindorm replaced the flesh eating fish, I left out the spiked ceiling that drops down on Johnny, and so on. Other than that, there is not much to it. A quick storyboard for a short cartoon.

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