U-Scribble Update


Well, we received our first U-Scribble submission and it is AWESOME! It’s actually a full blown Johnny Scribble animation drawn in Animation Creator. And by full blown I mean that it’s nearly a minute long which is what each of the Johnny Scribble episodes aim to be.  I will be setting up the “fan art” page soon and will post the U-Scribble submissions there.

Remember U-Scribble is open to all artists of all ages and skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing on an iPad or a bar napkin we want to see your Scribble. Just tap into your inner stick figure dude (or dudette if you’re of the fairer gender) and scribble away. Send us your creation and we’ll promote you like no other! There’s nothing that says you can’t promote your own artwork too, but remember Johnny Scribble is the intellectual property of, *clears throat*, me, so gives props wheres props is due (that was an intentional use of bad grammar to sound cooler than I really am. Did it work?)

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