Tony Blake’s iSpy

U-Scribble is currently underway so get off your duff (or maybe you need to actually get on your duff?) and start scribbling the Scribbleverse characters doing what you think would be cool and in your style. In the heart of sharing other artist’s (and in this case another mobile digital animator) work I thought I’d show off one of Tony Blake’s shorts. Tony is also animating using Red-Software’s Animation Creator. This toon is in the same genre as Johnny Scribble so you should dig it! It’s called iSpy and it’s 22 seconds of cool.

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2 Responses to Tony Blake’s iSpy

  1. Tony Blake says:

    Thx For posting ispy on your website, I’m inspired by your work. Johnny scribble represents a classic hero from past and future. I had not drawn for over 20 yrs, Johnny scribble and animation creator inspired me to try again. Keep up the good work!

    • Wow! 20 years? And Johnny Scribble played a part in inspiring you to try again? Mission accomplished! Dang! It’s our pleasure to post ispy here – it’s a rad toon. We will most definitely keep up the good work, but you must too. You have some great shorts on you channel, don’t stop animating!

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