U-Scribble: Call For Artists

U-Scribble Johnny how you want and we’ll show off your awesome artwork! From now until June 30, 2011 we are accepting anything and everything Johnny Scribble. All formats are welcome, so whether you’re a millennial chilling in a coffee shop in Seattle looking for something to do on your iPad other than launching Angry Birds at helpless pigs or a retiree exercising your motor skills with a box of Crayolas, we want to see how you would draw Johnny Scribble and his crew! From simple stick figures (my favorite) to the über expressive high art that demands a gallery showing all it’s own – we want to see it! Send your art to johnnyscribble@gmail.com

Every submission will be displayed at the end of episode 6 along with its appropriate stats. You know, artist name (and age for the kiddies), website (for the more professional minded kiddies), medium (#2 pencil, Animation Creator HD on iPad, recycled Red Bull cans, etc.), and anything else you want us to mention (favorite Chuck episode perhaps?).

In addition to including your artwork in the Youtube video we will also put up a link to your website (if you have one) in the description of the video.

In addition to that rad promoting of your mad art skills, we’re also going to throw your Johnny Scribble image up on a newly created “fan art” page here at johnnyscribble.com! How’s that for exposure? Yeah!

Go scribble already! Oh, one more thing. There’s no restriction on what we’ll accept outside of it being about the Scribble characters, with one minor little teeny-weeny exception: we reserve the right to not display your art if it’s too vulgar – just sayin’. Alright, now go Scribble! And remember U-Scribble ends June 30, 2011.

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