Stop Motion Day!

Today I recruited my family to assist in the animation process! Episode 5 takes Johnny Scribble out of his white world and lets him loose in ours. This episode is going to rock! Keeping in mind the potential of Animation Creator HD I established the plot of the episode and the setting – my desk. Now it’s time to set the stage and bring it to life! I’m sure you’ve noticed that each episode is just a little better than the last (well, at least I think so). This is because I’m still experimenting with the Red-Software‘s iPad app, seeing just what it is I can make it do. If you like watching things develop this is a great time to jump on board the Johnny Scribble band wagon! Alright, enough shameless self-promotion, time to get back to work! Where did my family get off to? I need someone to pull my chain. Ha, pull my chain, like the old line, “are you pullin’ my chain?” Ha! Excuse me, I need to go call someone and tell them just how unwittingly clever I can be.

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