Attack of the Raptured Zombies!

Everyone is talking about the rapture that was predicted to happen today by a fella named Camping. I thought I should throw up a quick post so no one would mistakenly think I was raptured into the clouds. It was a sun-shiny sort of day today. That would have been nice… Ahh. Nope. Sorry to disappoint. I’m still here, and since you are too I think it’s time to turn our attention to the next bit of rad news this week. Yep, Since none of us were raptured we must begin to take the CDC’s advice seriously and start preparing for the possibility of the occurence of a zombie apocalypse! Jesting aside, it would have been crazy cool if lots of people disappeared this morning only to turn up a few days later as the brain eating un-dead looking to feast on the rest of humanity. Well, it would have made for groovy reality TV anyway.

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