Mixcraft Matthew

Audio is on my mind today. I guess it’s because I officially passed the episode 4 torch to Matthew and I’m all hyped about watching it with sound effects and music. I got to tell you, I kind of geek out when I watch each episode for the first time with sound. It’s just rad! The characters come to life as the visuals are synced with audio. It’s kind of like watching the Spider-Man movie for the first time. Seeing and hearing your favorite superhero, who had up to that point lived on the silent pages of your comic books, come to life – c’mon, that was awesome!

Of course, every episode is drawn and animated using Animation Creator HD on my iPad. Likewise, Matthew uses Mixcraft to record the sound effects and score each episode. I won’t even begin to try to explain his process (I don’t really know what it is). All I know is that Johnny Scribble would be extremely boring without the sounds that bring him to life.  In fact… yeah, I think I’ll go post the first three Johnny Scribble episodes on Mixcraft’s Facebook wall so they can marvel at the sound wizard’s (that would be Matthew) magic!

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