Webcomic Brewing

I’m almost finished animating episode four! Depending on how I break it down, episode five and possibly six will tie the previous episodes together, expanding the Scribbleverse and shedding light on just what has been going on in the episodes beyond the battle of the ties (and Little Robot)!

This is where we really start to have some fun with Johnny Scribble – we’ve developed the style of animation, we’ve nailed down work flow (well, mostly), and we have a full grasp as to where we want to take the Johnny Scribble brand! Besides the episodes, Johnny Scribble will continue to provide you with his opinion (whether you like it or not) – this should be fun come election year! But that’s not all. A Johnny Scribble webcomic is in the works too. This will allow the further development of characters and take you into some more detailed storylines, as well as fuel the animated episodes. I know Johnny Scribble is just a stick-ish figure, but never fear, we’ve got some rad ideas that shouldn’t fail to please! I’m not sure, but this just might be the first webcomic drawn completely on a mobile device. Hmm. I will, however, more than likely need to use my clunky ol’ desk top to lay out the panels and do the lettering work. Nevertheless, if you like the style of Ride ’em Bowtie, you’ll dig the webcomic.

I’m getting winded. That’s it for now.

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