Featured Music from Episode 3

There’s  summer-like weather here, which makes me want to do one thing, sit outside and drink an ice-cold Corona. I know that’s technically two things, but does sitting really count? I mean, really, when your lady friend comes over (assuming you have one) and looks at you all kicked back on the sofa with three 32 oz Big Swig cups and an empty tray of convenient-store nachos in front of you, does she get all huffy and puffy because you did something all day or does she start WaWa-ing like Charlie Brown’s teacher because you did nothing all day? Exactly. Regardless of how many things the nice weather makes me want to do, I thought I’d provide this evening’s summertime ambiance. Oh, and in case you were interested, it’s the full length version of Pilut’s song, Hold On featured in the current episode (episode three) of Johnny ScribbleGrand Theft Bibble and a Drop Top Stop.

Oh, and the flyer is old. If you try to go listen to Pilut at the Zephyr Club this June 27th you’ll be disappointed. But doesn’t the inclusion of a picture make you feel so much more validated with respect to the time it took for you to read this post?



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