Ride ’em Bowtie!

Are you grooving on the still images that have been popping up more and more frequently? Do you use the word “grooving” in your everyday speak? Me neither. These images are, for the most part, previews of what’s to come in the next episode. Cool, huh? With each drawing, the Scribbleverse continues to get fleshed out, making it easier to immerse oneself in the world of suave stick figures (I still think they’re not quite stick figures, but…). Up till now the scribbles have been drawn in the same style as the animation series. I thought I would take it up a notch and try something different. Animation Creator has a handful of new brush types that were dying to be experimented with! Generally, I draw them on my iPod using AC but today I thought I’d give you a pic drawn on  my iPad using  Animation Creator HD.

Promise you won’t tell PETA, the maniacal Bowtie has captured and broken the ever elusive sea serpent, undoubtedly, part of his newest plot to kill Johnny Scribble. Oh, and apparently he can breathe underwater without scuba gear!

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