Axecop As Inspiration

As I’m drawing episode 4 I thought I would share an old webcomic I drew after discovering Axecop. It just so happened that I stumbled upon Axecop one weekend when nearly everyone in my family was sick and we were kind of just lying around the house trying to rest and heal. The creative process behind Axecop intrigued me (go figure, I think it has intrigued the whole world). So, since we were all sick I thought I would give the Malachi/Ethan process a try. It was a blast! My two little tikes came up with a basic story about the boogey man fighting a superhero named Pajama Kid! Unlike Axecop I re-tooled the story a bit to appeal to a slightly more mature audience. It was a rad experience and so for episode four I decided to recruit my kids to help me come up with some key elements in the story. This works out well, since in this episode we discover that Johnny Scribble is a fan of Axecop! It’s all about the theme. An Axecop episode wouldn’t be complete if not at least partially created by children.

Enjoy the one and only issue of Pajama Kid!  (Click it to make it more readable)


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