Driving Johnny Needs a Drink

Episode three, Grand Theft Bibble and a Drop Top Stop will be out today! But, before it’s released I thought I would share with you one more still that occurs just prior to the action in episode three. Why? Well, mainly because I wanted the whole world to know that super-spy Johnny Scribble sports a Volkswagen convertible! I’ll let you decide just what make and model it is. Just keep in mind, behind every cool spy stands a chop-saw toting gadget geek (think Q of 007 fame). If you don’t understand the title of this post, don’t fret. Once the episode is released you’ll get it. Look at that, reason to check back this afternoon.

This pic was drawn in Animation Creator, but you’ll notice that it is  laid out all landscape-ish (a feature not yet available in the iPod/Phone version) rather than portrait-ish. No biggy! Simply turn the device and be mindful of the tool locations.

Alright, tune back in in a few hours to watch the latest episode.


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